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Teaching Helps

Various documents that might help in different areas of teaching

We all can improve in our ministry and we can call sharpen our skills and gifts. When I find something that helped me, I will share it with as many as I can have it. And if you have a suggestion, please let me know.

Old Testament Helps

Genesis Teaching Helps

Below are links to various aspects of Genesis that help in teaching the book.

Symmetry in Creation (Genesis 1:4-24)

When looking at the order of creation, one can see the symmetry in God creating spaces first and then filling those spaces.

Image of God Structure (Genesis 1:27)

The structure of Genesis 1:27 shows the emphasis God places on human life because we are made in the image of God. it also shows that being made in God's image means humans are created male or female by our Creator.

Cain and Abel Structure (Genesis 4)

The story of Cain and Abel has an interesting structure worth observing. This was developed from Allan Moseley's January 2002 Winter Bible Study "What's Life All About?"

Tower of Babel Structure (Genesis 11:1-9)

When the Hebrew is examined the story of the Tower of Babel has a chiastic structure which emphasizes the smallness of human's work in the eyes of God - He had to come the way down to see their work, so to speak. There is also some clever word play in the Hebrew with "Let's make bricks" and "Let's confuse." This graphic is developed from Allen P. Ross' "Creation and Blessing."

Narrative-Poem Structure of Genesis

Throughout the entire book of Genesis there is Narrative-Poem "back-and-forth" that is worth noting.

Toledot Structure of Genesis

The Hebrew word "toledot", translated "generations", provides hints at the major sections throughout the book of Genesis.

New Testament Helps

Matthew Teaching Helps

Below are links to graphics outlining the major sections in the Gospel of Matthew and the divisions making up those sections.

Matthew Section 1

Matthew Section 2

Matthew Section 3

Matthew Section 4

Matthew Section 5

Matthew Section 6

Matthew Section 7

Matthew Section 8


Eschatology Teaching Helps

Here are some visual aids regarding different views on the Millennium and the Tribulation.

Millennium Views

Various views of the Millennium from Van Kempem's "The Sign."

Tribulation Views

Various views of the Tribulation from Van Kempem's "The Sign."

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