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Remembering What is Important

In 2011 all the space shuttle that had previously sent astronauts into space were loaded on the back of airplanes and shipped to various museums across the country. The Space Shuttle program had come to end and the only Americans would get into space would be by hitching rides with the Russians.

But in 2014, Space X signed a lease on Cape Canaveral. NASA had given Space X a billion-dollar contract to build a new transport for American astronauts. Previously, NASA had control over every aspect of building the transport. Now, every nut, bolt, and washer was up to a private company.

Elon Musk, Space X’s CEO and chief engineer, was something of a wildcard and NASA and him did not hit it off immediately. But to send NASA astronauts in Space X’s vehicle, there had to be trust built. One of the ways Space X began to take the project seriously an internal practice within the company. The pictures of the astronauts that would travel in Space X’s Dragon Capsule were printed on every work order. Every technician would have a visible reminder of their precious cargo. Each job, every aspect of their job meant someone’s life would literally depend upon their ability to do their job.

The picture of the astronauts on the work orders kept the technicians on task and remembering the importance of their work. If even one of them did their job poorly or, worse, neglected their job lives would be at stake.

God has placed each person in the local body church strategically. In each local body of believers there is a body where each person must do their part in order to advance the Kingdom of God. We must keep in mind the goal – maybe the people whom God has laid on our hearts – to keep us faithful in the task Jesus has called us to.


1 Corinthians 12:12-27,

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